Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Writing Prompts

Q: What is a writing prompt, and why would a writer use one? Is it like a shoe horn, only different?
A: Sometimes our minds go blank, or sometimes we become so focused on a project that we need a break. Sometimes it's just fun to flex your creative muscles. Try it for yourself: Pick a prompt, write without editing yourself for ten minutes, and see what happens!

· Describe the worst hair cut/hair style of which you were a victim.
· What’s the coldest weather you ever experienced? The hottest?
· Betty heard the floodwaters before she saw them. Instinctively, she picked up her tiny Pomeranians and began to run. She never expected….
· Take a piece of your work and change the genre or point of view – how does it change your piece?
· Harry hated New Year’s Day because he felt he should make a resolution, but he had stopped making resolutions the year that….
· Smoking, drinking, eating too much – everyone has a bad habit. What’s yours and why haven’t you given it up?
· “I ought to shoot you now,” Tammy said. Her Glock was pointed right at me. I thought quickly. One false move and I was toast.

“You don’t want to shoot me,” I said, “because….”