Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Books and Prompts


To Hell With All That
By Caitlin Flanagan

Caitlin Flanagan took a beating in the press after publishing To Hell With All That. She’s a self-described “antifeminist,” but I think her book does more to further the cause of feminism than she thinks. Since reviews of Flanagan’s book painted it as a mandate for mothers everywhere to return home and start baking cookies, I expected to be offended. Instead, I saw a modern version of the wealthy woman’s version of parenthood – nannies, assistants, neurotic overprotection. I think she’s less an anti-feminist than an anti-middle-classist. Still, the writing is engaging and, like it or not, she has some good points.


--Boredom crept over Tammy. The scorching heat kept her inside, and the only way to keep cool was….

--Clark County is under fire for its aggressive stance in removing children from their parents. What do you think about foster care, CPS, or child-based social services? What experiences have you had with any of these agencies?

--If they can send a man to the moon, then they should be able to….

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