Friday, August 25, 2006

Nothing But Prompts

This week finds me drowning in back-to-school stuff, and when I read what I'd written for this week's entry, well, I rejected my own work. :) Here are some prompts for the 'ol creative juices:

The day after Chad left, Larissa discovered she’d never really known him. Hidden in the apartment's drop ceiling, she found. . . .

What do you think about the new Las Vegas ordinance than bans feeding the homeless in city parks?

What memories do you have of the start of school?

Janet couldn't take the noise any longer. At midnight, lonely (and off-key) saxaphone music drifted from to her ears, even though her head was buried under a pillow. Jim's jazz band practice was driving her insane. "That's it!" she screamed, throwing off the pillow, grabbing her _________________, and marching out the door. Laster, she had a hard time explaining to the police that....

Happy writing!

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