Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When Life Gets In The Way

This week -- and possibly next week -- I'll be away from my desk. Is it because I've suddenly sold my book and am on my way to meet with a famous New York agent/publisher? Sadly, no. The news isn't nearly that exciting, although it is good news. I'll be helping my mom move -- now she'll no longer live 45 minutes away from my house. Yippee! Yippee! Mom's support keeps me going. Without her and my husband reassuring me that I am not insane, that I really am a writer, and that I can make a living at this crazy profession, I'd probably be back to being someone's assistant. Oh, perish the thought. I'm afraid that after working for myself for five years, I'd make a very outspoken employee and probably get myself fired. Let's hope I never have to find out.

Check out my latest book review at Kristen King's e-zine, Notes in the Margin:
Kristen's website,, was a finalist for Writer's Digest Top Writer's Websites list. I enjoy her blog, ::inkthinker::. .

This week's Northwest Writers' Group meeting has been cancelled. I apologize for any inconvenience & hope to see everyone next week. In the meantime, happy writing!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


· “You have to talk to Alan,” Manny’s boss told him. “I know he took a swing at you and made a pass at your wife, but….”

· When you’re driving, what’s your biggest pet peeve?

· Fireworks exploded in the sky, terrifying Sparky. The little dog hid under the bed and growled when Diane tried to move him. Diane decided she would have to….

· For long-time Las Vegans, the transformation of our city is shocking. What future changes do you see for our growing city? If you're not in LV, what changes do you seen in your city's future?

· You’ve won a vacation home! Where is your getaway located?