Thursday, August 30, 2007

One In Four

If you're a writer, than means you're a reader -- well, it should mean that, but that's another discussion -- so I know you aren't a part of this sobering statistic: One in four Americans read no books at all last year. Nary a one. Read the story here:

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Ritergal said...

OH, that is SO scary, especially to those of us who write books and serve on library boards! This has a lot to do with libraries' determination to branch out into other communication media.

Bravo for people like you who not only encourage people to read, but to write!

TH Meeks said...

Declining newspaper readership is also very scary - it will be interesting to see how papers evolve over the next few years. I believe it's important for all of us who write to encourage people to embrace the written word. I mean, I love TV just as much as the next person, but you've got to wonder about those three non-readers... yikes. How much Pimp My Ride and reality TV can you watch? :)