Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Late Arrival & Other Writing Prompts

Time is a funny thing. For some people, being late is a form of disrespect. For others, time is strictly a relative measure. Today, impending tardiness faces the subject of our first writing prompt.

You know the drill. Pick a prompt. Write for ten minutes. Don’t stop while you’re writing. Ready, set, go!

--You (or your character) are late. You are very late. Even worse, you are late for….

-- “Mom! Mom! MOM!!”
“What? Why are you shouting at me like that?”
“Come QUICK! It’s a….”

--Are you a morning person or a night owl?

--Sally knew all she had to do was get in the back door, and she was home free. She slid the door open, and stared at the table. The package was gone! Now she would have to….

--If you have pets, how do you handle their meals? Do Fluffy and Spot get the gourmet canned stuff, or the bargain-buy dry food?

--Anna opened the door and saw a small, purple dragon. She shut the door, rubbed her eyes, then opened the door again. It was still there. The dragon squeaked at her, then ran inside her apartment….
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