Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hiking & Other Writing Prompts

Pick a prompt that intrigues you. Freewrite for ten minutes. At the end of ten minutes, you might have the start of a bigger story, or you might not. Just write!

--Do you (or did you) like to hike or camp? What are your experiences with the great outdoors?

--Charlie said to Ed, “Sure, he thinks we stole it. But we both know….

--I remember a big storm in….

--Have you ever had a cat for a pet? What have your experiences been like with cats?

--“You might think I’m just a crazy old showgirl,” Veronica said. “But I’m telling you that I saw….

--Do you have a video camera? What do you shoot footage of, and how often do you look at the tape?

--Darlene was angry at the computer. All her writing, all her pictures—poof! Just like that, they were all gone, and all Darlene could think about was….

--Combine a child’s drawing, a ruler, and a paperweight into a story or poem.

--If I have to speak in public, I….

--Do you have a fear of heights? Do you know anyone who does?
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