Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving & Other Writing Prompts

In a few days, Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. What memories do you have of this holiday? Take ten minutes to freewrite about your thoughts (or imagine yourself as a fictional character and invent some turkey day remembrances). If Thanksgiving leaves you uninspired, take another prompt and freewrite on it. Remember, freewriting means no stopping, stalling, or second-guessing yourself. Just write!

--Thanksgiving always make me think about….

--“I don’t know why you’re asking me these questions,” Delores insisted. “I was home all night. I don’t know a thing about….”

--Have you ever thrown a surprise party for someone?

--Combine a calculator, a camera, and a flower in a story or poem.

--Jason didn’t see the dog in the road….
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Lost Boy & Other Writing Prompts

What would you say to a lost child? What would you do? In prompt number one, Ida confronts that dilemma. If nothing springs to mind about Ida and the lost boy, skip on down to a prompt that conjurs an image. Freewrite for ten minutes. At the end of ten minutes, read over your work. Do you have the start of something? If not, don't worry. Writing is great brain exercise, you know. Well, what are you waiting for? Open up that word processor or grab your pen and paper, and just write!

--In the produce section at the grocery store, Ida saw a little boy standing by the carrots. He was crying, and he looked like he was alone. Ida walked up to him and said….

--How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

--“It’s still 85 degrees outside! We don’t need the heat on,” snapped Phil. “I’ve been on the phone for an hour now. I just want you to….”

--What’s the most unusual thing in your home?

--“I knew you were lying,” Janet said. “But I’d lie, too, if I’d been caught….”
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