Monday, February 11, 2013

The Traveling Companions and Other Writing Prompts

Over dinner with friends last weekend, I wound up talking (too much) about vacations I’ve taken—in particular, some of my trips that went awry (to use that term loosely). Those trips inspired this week’s writing prompts. Grab a prompt and jet away, figuratively, into a story… 
  • Hawaii was beautiful, but her traveling companions were….
  • “I’m going to Boston with or without you,” he said, “so you can stay at home or….”
  • I found the graveyard charming, until….
  • The night before her flight home, she found out she was allergic to….
What about you? Do you have a trip-gone-awry story?

Photo Info:
My photo of  Ka Lae/South Point (the southernmost point in the United States), on the Big Island of Hawaii, 1995.

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