Friday, February 27, 2009

Links of Interest

Putting together a good link list turned out to be more challenging than I had anticipated! Don’t get me wrong—I thoroughly enjoyed the hours I spent cruising through websites and blogs, looking for links my blog readers would enjoy and use.

In my case, the creation of a link list first required upgrading my Blogger template, which was scary all by itself. The last time I had a web page and the software was “upgraded,” my page got erased. Snap, just like that, all my work went bye-bye. So I had to drink a glass of wine and cross my fingers before I got up enough courage to press “upgrade template,” but thankfully everything went just fine and the gods of cyberspace didn’t eat my blog this time.

So, please, scroll down and check out my Links of Interest! I’ve selected a variety of blogs and sites, so please take a few minutes to browse the list. I won’t talk about every link I’ve posted, but let me tell you about just a few.

For people writing personal history or memoir, check out Sharon Lippincott's The Heart and Craft of Life Writing. I haven't found another site that covers personal writing as well as she does. If you’re a poet, I’ve listed several poetry sites; all too often, poets gets overlooked, but almost half of my writing group members are poets. Writers who need music or photographs should check out the stock music and photography sites, Stock.xchng and Purple Planet (they’re who I use). For those who enjoy my prompts, click over to one of the other prompt sites and try a different style of prompt. If you’re thinking of writing as a career, go to the Inkthinker blog and get some insight from Kristin King, a working writer and true professional. Of course, I'd like it if you checked out all the links, so please, don't stop there!
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