Friday, February 27, 2009

The Rocky Shore & Other Writing Prompts

Why is Jerry (in prompt number one) scrambling over the rocks? Who might he be pursuing--or escaping? You might discover the answer to one of those questions if you tackle the first prompt. If you're uninterested in Jerry, find another prompt that intrigues you, and use it to freewrite for ten minutes.

--The rocky shore was unwelcoming, the black boulders slippery from the pounding waves. Jerry almost fell as he clambered over the rocks, and he wondered….
--Have you ever visited a ghost town?
--Are you a “news junkie”—an avid consumer of news (print, radio, television, or all of the above)?
--When Sam found out Jenny had applied for a passport without telling him, he decided….
--Do you carry a Swiss army knife?
--The smell of pines trees in the cold mountain air reminded Tim….
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