Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Abandonded Passenger & Other Writing Prompts

What might induce you to throw someone out of your car? What if you were in the middle of the desert? If that idea intrigues you, take ten minutes with the first prompt. Otherwise, pick another prompt. Write for ten minutes without stopping, stalling, or second-guessing your direction. At the end of ten minutes, you might want to keep working on your piece--or you might be done with that story. Let the writing be its own reward!

--I threw her out of the car about 50 miles outside of Barstow, telling her, “Maybe next time you’ll think twice before you….”
--Denise had never been downtown after dark. She was surprised to see….
--Have you traveled via train?
--Albert thought gardening was a lot like life. If you didn’t pull the weeds, then….
--Have you visited a labyrinth?
--What city would you most like to visit?
Photo information: My picture, taken in Zzyzx, California, in the Mojave National Preserve.

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