Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Boys & Other Writing Prompts

Today’s prompts start with a social question. What does Sam need to do to get along with the other boys? For a twist on this prompt, change the “he” to “she” and see how the story changes. (Yes, there are female Sams. I’ve known a few.) If Sam and his (or her) social dilemmas leave you cold, skip on down to another prompt. Pick one and freewrite for ten minutes. Let go of any expectations about how your work will turn out…just write!

--Sam was sure he would get along fine with the other boys, if only he….

--How did you learn how to type?

--“Of course I feel bad,” snarled Steve. “I just had surgery to remove my….”

--If only I could find the time, I would learn how to….

--Lucy was delighted. She had an entire day all to herself, and she was just getting ready to enjoy it when….
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