Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Deserted Beach & Other Writing Prompts

Pick a writing prompt that intrigues you and freewrite for ten minutes--that means writing without stopping or second-guessing yourself. Don't think about how the story will turn out--just write!

--The deserted beach was a beautiful place, and Linda enjoyed her daily walks alone until the day she….

--What form of writing would you most like to master? Poetry? Essay? Short story? Why?

--Kevin smelled it before he saw it. It was an unmistakable odor. Before he walked into the yard, he knew he would find….

--“I’ve lived alone for a long time,” Gertrude told her grandson. “So if you want to move in with me, even temporarily, I must insist….”

--How do you feel about junk mail? Do you read it, or do you toss it in the trash without opening it?

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